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These Lawyers Learned Family Law Advertising - By The Numbers

The vast majority of kind things 1-800-DIVORCE lawyer members have said over the years is verbal and via telephone. So back around 2000, we began to invite those who had just completed their first year of 1-800-DIVORCE service to provide a statement regarding their experience. Below are just a few of the dozens of responses received since.

"I highly recommend to anyone considering signing up with 1-800-DIVORCE that they do so and do so immediately. For the relatively low cost of carrying 1-800-DIVORCE, the potential is enormous. Judging from the incredible response to a small Yellow Pages ad, I believe that television and radio advertisements using 1-800-DIVORCE should result in an extremely high volume of calls. I believe the sky is the limit regarding the success of 1-800-DIVORCE" J.M., Chicago, Illinois

I am writing this letter to reaffirm my solid belief in 1-800-DIVORCE. The number is a marketing dream. Our calls now average around 800 a month with hundreds of clients (both contested and uncontested) to keep our small office more than busy." C.S., Atlanta, Georgia

1-800-DIVORCE has turned my business around. Since (we) joined the program just over one year ago, we have had to stop taking new business twice in that period of time. This was due solely to the large volume of calls and resulting cases from 1-800-DIVORCE." R.W., Holden, Massachusetts

I can say unhesitatingly that my practice would not have survived but for 1-800-DIVORCE. As a young sole practitioner I encountered keen competition. 1-800-DIVORCE provided me the needed clients as well as a sense of security in that it produced, and continues to produce today, a consistent number of new calls and clients." D.C., Rockville, Maryland

"1-800-DIVORCE is pretty famous now here in Denver." W.P. Denver, Colorado

However, the overriding consideration here is that we can almost always put you in touch pre-contract with a 1-800-DIVORCE member in a market similar to yours and/or with a member who has already tried the particular type of ad campaign you have in mind. Over the years, 1-800-DIVORCE members have been remarkably approachable and informative for those considering signup. We hope you will be the same way one day soon.

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