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No Worries Here - Just More Family Law Clients

Below is our draft 1-800-DIVORCE service agreement in pdf format. We believe you will find it particularly friendly. However, if there are questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us. Sending you a draft with your firm's variables plugged in would be the first step to signing up for 1-800-DIVORCE.

  1. it's a license that continues until you either fail to pay or serve us 30 days written notice to terminate without cause-exerciseable at any time
  2. exclusive defined geographic area in exchange for a flat rate monthly fee subject to strict annual increase limits (we've NEVER raised fees during the pendency of a contract since 1991)
  3. assignable by you, with our consent, which cannot be unrreasonably withheld
  4. you're protected against area code divisions and overlays in the future
  5. you can change the "terminating" phone number any number of times without cost
  6. free listing on

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