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  1. Get the Premier Attorney Marketing Plan Since 1984: If you are looking for the cheapest and fastest way to grow your law firm, the first step is to secure 1-800-DIVORCE as your firm's exclusive family law phone number.

  2. Increase the Returns on Your Law Firm's Marketing Investments: Family Law has always been the fastest and cheapest way to grow your law firm and build your firm's client base. Use 1-800-DIVORCE to maximize the returns on all of your family law marketing investments. Get more calls and clicks from any divorce lawyer advertising campaign.

  3. Control Your Own Law Firm Marketing Campaign: Spend less on divorce advertising to produce the desired level of family law income to support your general practice OR spend more to build an ever-expanding pure family law practice. It's your choice: 1-800-DIVORCE works both ways! Either way, you will always be in control of your own 1-800-DIVORCE family law advertising campaign. 1-800-DIVORCE is NOT an expensive advertising co-op!

  4. Make the Numbers Work For You: Get many more law clients using 1-800-DIVORCE than you would from the same law firm marketing campaign using your current phone number. All calls to 1-800-DIVORCE from your marketing area will go directly to your law office over your existing phone line(s). How many extra consumers do you think will respond to your family law advertising if they can so easily and spontaneously remember and simply dial the very service they want?

  5. Never Ending Word-of-Mouth Referrals: Consumers love 1-800-DIVORCE! They will not have pen or paper handy when they see or hear your family law advertising initially or when they try to remember you later on. The naturally low memorability of names and numbers constantly works against you. Once consumers have seen 1-800-DIVORCE, they never forget it and they love to tell their friends about it! Word of mouth referrals alone will cover the low monthly cost of the 1-800-DIVORCE legal marketing tool.

  6. Make a Strong Statement to Your Potential Clients: Your potential law clients are awash in lawyers.  Why should they select you from the crowd? You must provide them an ethical reason, and there are very few pre-hiring opportunities to do so.  Why would any consumer hire you to represent her if you do not even represent yourself well in your own law firm development? 1-800-DIVORCE is a strong and impressive commercial statement to your potential clients about your business acumen and your continuing commitment to get law clients and to satisfy those clients in order to get referral business. There is only one 1-800-DIVORCE! Consumers love 1-800-DIVORCE. 

  7. Seize the Competitive Advantage No Other Lawyer in Your Market Will Be Able To Get: If you are going to be in the family law business and wish to succeed, you're going to have to advertise your services!! How else are you going to attempt to promote yourself ahead of others in today's super-competitive market? Overcrowded Yellow Pages, egalitarian referral services and web directories provide minimal equalized opportunities. Even a full-page phonebook ad now gets lost in the clutter in all cities and most towns. To build a successful family law practice, you need an edge your competitors don't have and can't get. Divorce lawyer advertising using the 1-800-DIVORCE legal marketing tool is that edge. And we'll even tell you how to do it!

  8. Make Branding Work For You: With 1-800-DIVORCE in your family law advertising toolbox, you will have your own instant local law firm brand. There is nothing quite like the security of knowing that your next client has already called.
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